Skin Care

lytera_system_noretinolSkin care is an important part of maintaining a healthy and rejuvenated appearance.  There are many factors that go into choosing the correct skin product for your type of skin and desired results.  Our physicians can help you decide which products best suit your needs and desires.  When deciding on which skin care product you need it is best to consider what that product contains.  Listed below are things that assist in the anti-aging process.

Tretinoin and Retinaldehyde are vitamin A derivatives.  Products containing these molecules are effective in treating fine wrinkles, dark spots, or rough skin on the face caused by sun damage.  With this product the skin becomes lighter and more youthful in appearance.

Hydroxy acids are naturally occurring acids and produce results by allowing the dead cells on the surface of this skin slough off.  After this process is complete a new layer of skin with a more uniform color is seen.  These products encourage the production of connective tissue leading to less fine lines and wrinkles.

Anti-oxidants such as  vitamins C, E and green tea. These vitamins fight free radical damage and collagen break down caused by the aging process, sun damage, stress and pollution.

Growth factors are the newest products that stimulate new collagen growth.


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