General and Minimally Invasive Surgery

  • Voluma


    Voluma is a large cross-linked molcule facial filler made specficially for the midface.  This filler is placed in the subcutaneous and supraperiosteal area within the zygomatic arch…

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  • Skin Care

    Skin Care

    Skin care is an important part of maintaining a healthy and rejuvenated appearance.  There are many factors that go into choosing the correct skin product for your…

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  • Sculptra


    The normal aging process causes us to lose volume in certain areas of our face.  From this volume loss we appear older and less youthful and rejuvenated.…

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  • Juvederm


    As the underlying collagen and elastin fibers within the face begin to break down wrinkles and facial creases become more apparent.  This breakdown is part of the…

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  • Latisse


    Eyelash Hypotrichosis is a term to describe not having enough eyelashes.  Many people suffer from this condition and some desire longer, thicker lashes.  Latisse is a product…

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  • Dysport


    Wrinkles are created with each facial emotion we express.  The underlying facial musculature contributes to wrinkles and a treatment to help fight this process is the use…

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  • Botox Cosmetic

    Botox Cosmetic

    Wrinkles are created by the contractions of the underlying facial muscles.  With every emotion small lines are created and can lead to static lines or wrinkles.  These…

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  • Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty)

    Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty)

    Excessive adipose tissue within the abdominal area can be a cause of distress for men and women.  An enlarged abdominal area can be the result of  excess…

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